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jessicaim [userpic]
by jessicaim (jessicaim)
at May 13th, 2011 (09:29 pm)


Black And White
2.Repeat image

Pair* Can be two anything objects,words,people etc

5 lyrical icons your lyrics can be from one song over all 5 icons or different song lyrics on each one.
[ARTISTS CHOICE]Any icons as long as they it your claim

You can still sign up here

You must be a member to enter.
XYou must sign up for the round as well as being a member.
XAll icons must be 100X100 and follow the themes
XNo animation allowed but any other effects are
XIcons must be made freshly for this 20in20
XYou will have 20 days to make the icons
XYou can change your claim anytime before the challange info is put up as long as its not already taken.
XYou can sign up at anytime but you will have less time to complete the icons.
XBecause of the type of community it is there can be 2 people claiming the same thing but no more than that.
XIf you were to do an atress for example Leighton Meester you can use some icons from gossip girl as thats whats shes most famous for or anything else she has been in but the main forcus should be the actress.

Posting The Icons
Post  all icons in one batch
[x]Post a preview with a few icons in it
[x]You can post it in this community or on your own with a link to it in your post here
[x]You can use a table of your own but do not have to use one as long as it is clear which icons are for which themes with titles.

Icons due by the 2nd of june
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.