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jessicaim [userpic]
Sign Ups Round 8
by jessicaim (jessicaim)
at May 3rd, 2011 (03:02 pm)

It has been a while the community went on hiatus for a little while and i have been  busy with studying and working for a course, but i thought i would bring it back for a new round to see how many members still want to join in :)

Round 8 Sign Ups


XYou must be a member of the community to sign up

You must use the themes when they are posted

you can sign up for one claim each round and must not claim it twice in a row  again(however if you chose a movie one round you could choose a charactor from it for the next or another movie in the series),

Xonly two people can claim the same thing

X to sign up fill in this form:

first claim:
second claim
(if first is taken)

sign ups never close you just get less time if you sign up later but i will post the themes on the firday 13th

Signed up so far

greystreehill Leighton Messter
talli_approved Queer as folk(series)
 aaronlisa  Martin Gore
calin_durus FarScape
11th Doctor (Doctor Who)
 xsecondstar bille joel armstrong



Posted by: Kay (calin_durus)
Posted at: May 3rd, 2011 08:06 pm (UTC)

username: calin_durus
first claim: FarScape (Series)
second claim(if first is taken): Twilight Saga: Eclipse (movie)

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